Visiting Russia

Climate and Geography

The climate in Russia goes from warm to hot summers and cold winters. the anual temperarure is -5 degreese celcius.

3 Major Laws
1. Russia is against gay mariage.
2. There is a mandatory military service.
3. Minimum wage got raised by 3 dollars.

U.S. budget is more stable than Russia's.

The overall population of Russia is 143.5 million.

Languages spoken
The languages spoken are French, English, German, Russian, Turkish.

The religions are Russian orthodox, muslim and Christian.

Cost of Airfare

Maps of Cities

Art and Culture
The culture is rich history, strong traditions and influrtial arts.

Must see Sights
Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Winter Palace

1 Russian Ruble is 0.019 dollars

Major Newspapers
The top 2 major articles are Yendex Novosti, and Novisti Mailru.

Influential Magazins
Russian Life and Expert

Hotels to stay at
Courtyard Moscow Paveletskaya $75
Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Sea $161

White Rabbit in Moscow
Stroganoff Steyk Khaus in St. Petersburg

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