Full moon wo sagashite

Mitsuki is a middle school girl that has an ilness but is still waiting for her lover eichi to come back. He left for united states when she was very young. Now she is an 13 year old girl. She is stll wondering whether he is well or not. She likes to sing but her grandma scolds her because she hates singing also that she cant sing because of her illness. Her vocal cord is damaged. Then one day two shinigamis came to take her soul but she can see them. They tell her thaat she is gonna die today so she runs out of the house to go audition to become a singer. The shinigamis turns her into a 16 old girl so she can audition. she wanted to dye her hair into blonde. After that she goes to audition. There are lot of obsticles in there way. While searching for her lover she is confessed by takuto that he loves her and after shes waiting for her lover, she finaly decides to visit him but she finds out a horrible truth about him.

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Looks like an interesting story

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