My sister and I

They say that having a sister is one of the best things that you can have in this world. And I personally agreed on this. My sister and I have 12 years age gap but it doesn’t matter. We still bond like some other siblings out there. And I find it so amusing on how I can relate to her and can still get her point of view even in my age of 17. Though we are only half sisters, she always tells me that she loves me and she is proud of me. I feel happy whenever she is relies on me. We only got to see each other yearly since she lives with my dad and step mom in Singapore. Though they only come home for only 3 weeks in the month of my sister’s birthday, I feel very happy since we can go shopping and have some fun together. I felt sorry for her when she told me that some of her classmates bully her but she won’t fight back because she thinks that fighting back will only make it worse. I think even though we are apart she truly loves me and I love her also. There was this book that I read once, it was a story about two sisters who were drifted apart and even though many years passed when the day that they've finally met again, they recognized each other easily. It was a very touching and influencing story that brought me into tears. I am little related to that story but I can only say I am very thankful to God that he gave me one of his precious gifts and that is having a cute, kind and witty sister.