The "Rhino Genocide" In South Africa
By: Emma

                 Poachers in South Africa have taken a horrible toll on rhinos. Expert, Vincent Barkas, estimates that there are only 26,000 rhinos left in the world. Poachers have killed thousands of rhinos, because in some countries such as China and Vietnam, it is thought to cure many diseases. Vincent Barkas has founded "safe havens" for these animals. He and the people who help him patrol the rhino's habitat search for poachers. By doing this, they have saved 176 rhinos this year. But its not safe work, in 2011 and 2013 two of Vincent Barkas' workers were killed by lions.  If the poachers continue to kill these rhinos, they will soon become extinct.

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Like rhinos, sharks are being "finned", meaning their fins are cut off and the shark is left in the ocean to die. The reason is because of humans wanting the fin for food and cures.


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