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Leitner Media Productions is a fresh and innovative collective of media professionals who are ready to serve all clients, large or small, who desire creative and uniquely individual services and promotions. From concept to completion, LMP will bring life and originality to your company, product or brand. Or, if you really need us to; your bar mitzvah, honeymoon video, or America’s Got Talent audition tape! Yeah

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A Very Special Wedding Video
Presented at the Wedding of Shiri & Roie

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We Make Incredible Memorable SlideShows That last forever.
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Below is a special slideshow we produced for AIPAC's & Israel's 65th Anniversary!

If a pictures is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million!

Please call us at 702.690.9664 for more info and how we can start working for you today!

We like to tell our clients that we're not in the movie business, we're in the feeling business.

The Man who taught us all to Think Different! We'll miss you Steve.

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