Digital Journalism

Ms. Kibbey

Course Overview

Students participate in a classroom environment that utilizes current and emerging technology to deliver news to our school community. The digital journalism course combines television production and traditional journalism. Topics will include communication, performance, camera, and editing skills as well as television terminology. Students also learn to write effectively for television, learning to write for the eye and the ear. They create marketable television products such as news stories, commercials, and promotional videos. They also write articles for the digital edition of the school newspaper. Students demonstrate leadership, citizenship, work ethics, cooperative attitudes, and social skills through participation in the classroom and school community. As students advance in the program, they produce a regularly scheduled program for the school.

Course Expectations

Students are expected to participate in all aspects of the classroom environment, including our digital Edmodo classroom, in order to advance their knowledge of the digital journalism skill set. Students are expected to be positive, respectful, attentive, and prepared for all class meetings as well as on Edmodo. For a safe classroom environment to exist, name-calling and any other offensive actions will be strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disciplinary action. It is also expected that students do not bring food or beverages to the classroom, especially not gum. Students are expected to treat the provided classroom materials with respect and must make a habit of cleaning up their workspace.

Course Materials

Students are to have the following materials everyday:

  • TO BE KEPT AT SCHOOL: Shirt, Tie, and Sports Coat (boys)
  • TO BE KEPT AT SCHOOL: Blouse and Blazer (girls)
  • Charged Chromebook
  • Edmodo Account Information
  • Google Account Information
  • Writing Utensil
  • Camera (optional)

Grading Policy

Classwork: 200 Points

Participation: 100 Points

Articles: 300 Points

Test and Quizzes: 200 Points

Projects: 200 Points

Teacher Contact

Ms. Allison Kibbey