Principles and Elements of Design

By: AC Lee


Point // used to indicated a location; has position but

Line // 4 types: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved (shown above)

Value // relative lightness or darkness of a color, object, or shape

Color// has an effect on the design

Shape// 2D shape enclosed by lines or curves (as shown above)

Form// implied on a  2D surface by confined use of value

Space // the type shown above is open and uncluttered

texture // the surface look or feel

balance // visual and physical balance; the distribution of elements

emphasis // used to draw attention to one area

contrast // relative difference between the elements

rhythm // repeated use of line, shape, color, texture, or pattern, creating harmony in design

proportion // relative size of an object when compared with another

unity // consistent use of design elements

economy // use of the base number of elements; remove any extraneous elements

pattern // a repeated decorative design

radial symmetry // symmetry around a central axis

typography // the style and appearance of printed matter

variety // a thing which differs in some way from others of the same class

aesthetic // concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty// of pleasing appearance

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