Exploration Proposal

Grace Liu Block 6

Dearest King Henry IV of France, I am writing to ask for support for a new plan I have made. For I have heard of the English conquering land in the new land. I am from Italy, but I am most loyal to France and you, my honor. I have heard of explorers traveling across the ocean to reach Asia but end up hitting new land. I plan to travel to the new west and succeed in finding riches and treasures like you and other explorers have dreamed of finding. I will find treasures and conquer new land for France. The treasures shall benefit the French economy and land will also expand France which we will all benefit from. I shall leave on the first day of March, 1607. That is, if you supply me with money, boats, and resources for my expedition. I know France has been trying to gain land, riches, treasures, and riches from Asia, as do the other Europeans are. I am also trying to gain riches and fame. I have a plan to travel to the upper part of the Atlantic Ocean, where it is more cold and there will not be storms. There may be icebergs, but we will at least be able to avoid them easier. We plan to hit the northern part of this new land, where most Europeans haven't gone, and it will be easier to find treasures. I expect hunger, sickness, icebergs, and I plan to solve this by packing extra food, more doctors, and less people without skills.

Gold and Treasures

I promise to bring from the new world plenty of treasures for the French economy. I  promise to not help any other country and use the gold to support France for years to come.

Land for France

I also plan to claim land for France, which will extend our beloved country and make us less crowded every day in France. More land will result in more money, and more money shall give you more fame.

Send Me to The New Land

I have shown you reasons why you, King Henry IV of France, should fund and supply resources and boats, for my exploration to the New Land. I am certain that my plan will work and that if you fund me, you will not be disappointed. As said before, I shall leave March 1, 1607. So, with that being said, please, send me to the new land.


Gold: http://goo.gl/vporMc

Map of North America: http://goo.gl/Lvq4yk

France Flag: http://goo.gl/9BiYmB

Old Boat: http://goo.gl/rw9fgt

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