It's Effects and Journey

Rice has been a source of food sense 2500 B.C. The production of rice started in China, and was spread to countries such as Sri Lanka and India. People believe rice was brought to West Asia and Greece in 300 B.C. by the armies of Alexander the Great. It's hard to say exactly how rice was brought over to the New World. One story says that a damaged ship was forced to dock in the Carolinas. In return for repairs, the captain of the ship gave the colonizers a bag of rice. In addition, it is believed that slaves from Africa brought rice from their land.

In Japan, rice is used in sushi - raw fish, rice, and veggies wrapped in seaweed. In India, rice is used in biryani, which is spiced rice with meat, vegetables, and more. Italy eats rice as risotto, which is cooked slowly to make it creamy.

Rice had it's biggest impact in Asia, where it provided a way for people to get enough calories to multiply in number. Rice became sacred to the Chinese, and supplied the lands it was traded to a way to also grow in numbers. A fast-growing rice in east asia had the biggest impact, as large amounts could be grown the fastest, causing a huge boom in population.




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