"As selfish as it sounds you have to make sure your happy before you can make other people happy"

Connor Franta

Society v.s Humans

I believe is the fate of humanity

the power of humans

the peace within us

the words we share with each other

the love we have,share and keep to ourselves

But I don’t believe in the standards of society upon us

I believe in sheltering one another

I believe in being yourself

I believe in staying true to yourself

And I believe in that on day we will all have the power to show who we are without others judging us .

Everyone lives by words these are mine

The credo that I go by is b Connor Franta As selfish as it sounds you have to make yourself happy before you can make other people happy.” It means that you have to make sure your happy before you make others happy even it it’s selfish.Because if your not happy and your going around making other people happy that than you are not really paying attention to you emotions.

I got this from one of my favorite Youtubers that makes weekly videos on Mondays.I’ve watched him for about one and a half years.I just love watching Youtube videos and I found him one day when I was one Youtube.

This credo is important to me because it’s something that is really true because we always seem to want to make sure everyone else around us is happy even if it cause us to not be happy.It’s good to stick to this because it makes sure you are keeping you emotions from not going down.Most likely cause there are a lot of credos that mean a lot of things and they are use full to people to have something to look up to.

Some people don’t go by credos because to them they think it is just words.This will help your future because you will be happy because you will be thinking about your self even though it may be selfish.If others listen to this then they will try to make sure that they are happy before they try to make others around them are happy .

Because if everyone around you is happy and you are are not than you will fell like everyone around you has something that you don’t and you can’t get.But you could have happiness you need to focus on your self and your happiness before you try to make everyone and everything around you happy.Everyone has the right to be happy even if other people around you don’t think that you should be happy.

By Josie Gray

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