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The Great Depression !

The Great Depression was a decade-long, unprecedented financial crisis that affected countries in North America, Western Europe and other industrialized areas of the world. With so many banks in default and so many people in the United States fearful of the economic downturn, overall spending was reduced. Less spending meant lessened demand for consumer goods

Colleges In The 1930's

Full-Time Graduate Groups PhDGraduate School of Arts and Sciences:Tuition: $250, which included the General Fee Education Tuition$400, which included the General Fee Fine Arts Tuition $400, which included the General Fee Books & Classes $50 - $250 Room $500 - $700 ,The difference between back then and now all the tuition went up tremendously ,The annual undergraduate tuition was $300 in the 1930s and $400 in the 1940s, doubling to $800 in 1953. It reached $2600 in 1970, and $22,700 in 2000.

More Information from 1930

17 cents per gallon in the 1930s, a quarter in the 1950s and 50 cents in the 1970s Firestone Tyre 1932 from $3.69 , Single Vision Glasses 1938 $3.85 , Complete Modern 10 piece bedroom Suite $79.85 , Steak 1938 1LB 20 cents ,  Car 1938 $685 ,'32 Ford's ran $460 - $650 (roadster - convertible)

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr.Stroheim

  I apologize for my unprofessional behavior , and being an embarrassment to the company and employes , it will never happen again and i never intended to show you disrespect.

  I should get my job back because i need to help take care of my large family , we always eat lever because we cant afford steak , we live in the struggle my brother needs new shoes and clothes.

    And my father is really sick and and needs medication , my younger brother is a really smart kid he deserves to go to college and my cousin is trying to be on Broadway , and my younger cousin has heart problems , so need this money for my family

Broadway Show

Cinderella Show

The ticket cost is $100 - $300

the show was sold out all tour season long or over seating limit

winning Broadway musical from the creators of The Sound of Music and South Pacific that’s delighting audiences with its contemporary take on the classic tale. This lush production features an incredible orchestra, jaw dropping transformations and all the moments you love the pumpkin, the glass slipper, the masked ball and more plus some surprising new twists Be transported back to your

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