For Starters...

1. Finish off www/ebi from silver nitrate discussions on the sheets.

2. Ask the teacher for sheet below and complete all the tasks on there.

Then... Periodic Table Research

Your task today will allow you to get more familiar with the periodic table of elements, and think of some of your own questions to research about it.

Please make your own copy of the googledoc below and answer the first 5 questions. You then need to create up to 5 of your own questions to answer. There is a space for you to answer any interesting facts you come across.

When you have finished or 5 minutes before the end of the lesson, put a link to your googledoc on the padlet wall below. Make sure anyone with the link can view your document.

Extension: Pick an element you are interested in and fully research it, making a product you can share with the group on the same padlet wall.

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