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   As people are called up one by one, Kevin waits anxiously to hear his name, praying that his grade will be passing. And dafter an eternity, he is called up by Mrs. Montee. As he walks to her desk, his legs feel like jelly, and he soon receives his progress report. His grade is... a 74.

   Kevin watches the clock, biting his lip, waiting for the final bell of the day to ring, when an announcement comes over the intercom. Mr. Flood announces that we will be staying in our 8th period classes and wait for dismissal today. Kevin's heart sinks as his wishes of after school gaming are washed away with the thundering rain.

   As Kevin does a happy dance he is also applauded by his younger brother. He has now accomplished another great task: beating a video game, Far Cry 3. This specific time is special because it has been the tenth time he's beat it in a row without dying or losing a single life. "Finally!" he mutters over and over, but his spirits are crushed as the credits screen rolled over the screen with no reward. Kevin had only beat it 10 times in a row, because he could unlock every weapon in the game for free. And now he realized what he did wrong.