Google Searching Tricks

Wanna get out of the house?

Just search "movie" and get times and places

This is a great trick for finding something to do not only at the cinema, but you can search scores and schedules for a sport's team by typing the name of the team on google, and get loads of information about the team too.

How about trying to ace a class?

Just search a word you don't know, by typing "define: " before a word.

Define words that you don't know, use a calculator, converter, search images, etc, and get the edge on classmates on the how-to beyond the classroom.

Go beyond the article

Find related websites by putting "related:" before the URL

Find related websites by putting a "related:" before the URL of a website. Very well done search, and finds descriptions that have similarities. Continue to find good articles now by finding related ones to the best.

Get to know the time, weather, and location

Find weather by putting in "weather" before a place

Find out the weather by putting in "weather" before a place, find out the time by putting in "time" before a place, and even get sunrise/sunset times by putting in either of these words before the place. You can even get the address of specific restaurants by typing in the type you want to find before the city you want to find them in, and get information fast, and get places near you.

No? How about some shopping?

Track your packages by typing the track number directly in the search box

Track packages by typing the track number into the search, discover local businesses by typing them in, and use the shopping link on the left panel when typing in something you are looking for to compare prices and buy what you are looking for.

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