Cultures of East Asia
By Brian Kizer

For this world history project I have created this page with information about the different cultures of East Asia

Sui, Song, and tang dynasties

     The Sui, Song and Tang Dynasties, were some of China's most prevalent. The Sui dynasty's most famous leaders were Yang Jian Yang Di. The Sui dynasty was run with a Centralized Government. They are most known for Completion of the grand canal. The Tang dynasty's most famous leaders were Taizong, Wu Zhao and Xuanzong. The Tang dynasty was run with a Centralized Bureaucracy. They were influential because gained influence over Korea,and they were known for expanding China, establishing Buddhism in China, Woodblock Printing, and Porcelain. The Song dynasty's most famous leaders were Taizu, Zhao Kuangyin and Zhao Gou. The Song dynasty had centralized control. The Song dynasty was important their sea trade caused sea ports to boom, and they started the practice of foot-binding. They are also known for the movable type, paper money and gunpowder.


     The mongols are a very important part of world history. Some of their most famous leaders were Genghis Khan and his Grandson, Kublai Khan. There were Separate Clans, run by various Mongol leaders. The Mongols spread the culture and innovation of places they conquered, created peace and stability across Asia, and made significant medical and astronomical advances. Kublai Khan established a traditional Chinese dynasty under Mongol rule. Under the rule of the Yuan dynasty, China flourished. Sea trade and ports brought many foreigners into china, and New roads were created and the grand canal was expanded.


   One of the most famous leaders of the Yamato clan was Nintoku. Most of the time the person at the center of power was a political figurehead. Otherwise known as one controlled by one or more wealthy families. The Yamato clan established Korean trading and practiced Shinto.

  During the Heian period, Japan flourished. During this time the Capital was moved to Kyoto. Reading and writing were encouraged by the government. During the Heian period Japanese written language was established from Chinese and Phonetic characters. Also during this time, some of the best works of early Japanese literature were produced. 


    One of the Koryo dynasty most famous leaders was Wang Geon. The Koryo dynasty was a great time for Korea. During this time, Government positions were inherited. The Koryo dynasty had many Chinese ideas with distinct Korean features mixed in. The Koryo dynasty is known for perfecting the metal moveable type, and creating beautiful pottery.

Southeast Asia

    There were many different Kingdoms in southeast Asia. Some of these include the Pagan kingdom, the Khmer Empire, the Trading Kingdoms, and the area of Vietnam. The Pagan kingdom's most famous leader was Anawrhata. They are known for introducing Theravada Buddhism to the region and conquering Myanmar.  The Khmer empire was a strong monarchy and having a strong Indian influence. They are known for building structures such as Angkor Wat. The Khmer empire got the resources to build such projects because the became so prosperous from rice farming. The trading kingdoms relied on agriculture and trade and practiced Hinduism and Buddhism. They made Palembang: Center of Buddhist learning, and established Borobudur. Some of the most famous early Vietnamese leaders were the sisters Trung Nac and Trung Nhi. During this time Vietnam was a bureaucracy. They adopted many aspects of Chinese civilization and worshiped nature spirits.

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