The Shanghai Tunnels

Where: Portland, Oregon, USA. Yes we know what your thinking. Oregon!? What?! Yes oregon.

How: To get access to the shanghai tunnels you must go to the Restaurant and lounge Hobo's in Portland, Oregon.

What: The shanghai tunnels are also known as "The Portland Underground". The tunnels are connected underneath many hotels and bars.

Backround info

Shanghaiing was the capture and illegal sale of able-bodied men to Sea captains in need of crew members. These men were forced to work on ships heading to the Orient without pay.

Men were not the only ones Shanghaied. Women were also Shanghaied and sold into prostitution and often used to lure men into being Shanghaied.

Both the men and women that were Shanghaied Were either drugged or intoxicated then kidnapped or just simply knocked out, they were then dropped or dragged into the tunnels through trapdoors called deadfalls.

Once in the tunnels they were locked up in special holding cells until they were shipped off for slave labor. But they weren't just locked in cells, they would have there boots and shoes removed and glass would be spread across the floors of the tunnels so if they managed to get out of their cells there would be glass so they would have to go back or the Shanghaiers could follow the trail of blood from their feet.

Boots From Shanghaied Men.
Holding Cell.

By: Olivia McCune and Reece Coffey