Social Studies Common Exam Review lucas dixon

Democracy - any form of goverment in which polital power is exercised by all citizens ether directly or through their elected representatives have you ever been to vote

DIrect -  All citizens participate in government There are no representatives in government: The citizens vote on everything All citizens can create public policy if they want to. In ancient Athens, Greece, they held assemblies where citizens voted to pass laws  is Switzerland.

Representative - A democracy that uses elected officials to make decisions and pass laws in the governmenet is the United States.

Autocracy - a system of government by one person with absolute power.

Monarchy - A government ruled by one person who has inherited the throne from State. An example of this type of government is the United Kingdom.

Dictatorship - a country governed by a dictator. An ex is   it  would be China. and hitler

Theocracy - A government ruled by god or a higher power  of  is  The Vatican.

Oligarchy - A government that is ruled by a group of people. example  is  Venezuela.

Anarchy - A government that isn't ruled by anyone and all of the citizens are on an equal playing field. example is Belize.

Communism - Communism is where the government is in control of everything.example is  Russia.

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