Speak                                                            Julia Manolis

March 24, 2015
Tough Questions

Reading only 12 pages of the book "Speak" so far, I can already tell I am really going to enjoy it. Although, there are a lot of tough questions that I am going to have throughout the book. For example, what is going through her head the whole time she is having this horrible mindset that school is going to be so terrible? How does she not have any friends to start off the year yet? Why is she not liked by many when she did nothing? There are a lot of things going on that leave you questioning what is going to be happening later on in the book. This makes me wonder why so many people are against her when the school year hasn't even started yet.

March 25, 2015
Again and Again

I chose to write about again and again in this kind of situation that Melinda is in right now. I have noticed how the author keeps bringing up how much she dislikes school so bad and how no one likes her.  We understand that no one likes her but for what reason? Does the author want us to try and guess what happened before the school year started? How can a girl at this age be disliked so much? It makes you wonder about the book.

March 26, 2015
Memory Moment

As I am reading, the character is acting very strange in a way where you can tell she is thinking back to what happened that summer that she can't get out of her head. I can feel it that something bad happened that is making so many people dislike her so much. This memory that she is thinking of might be this important that it keeps coming up is because it might of scarred her for the rest of her life. We won't know until the end though.

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