Dinner for Breakfast or Breafast for Dinner???

Its 's always good too eat something that is suppose to be eaten for breakfast but you eat it for dinner instead or you eat somehting for dinner but you eat it for breakfast instead. Well in my opionion I would rather eat breakfast for dinner. I like it when it's night and you eat breakfast for dinner even breakfats is suppose to be eaten in the morning but instead you eat it at night time and you still get that kinda morning feel when you eat it. I think eating breakfast for dinner is the best because there are places that serve breakfast at night like Ihop. It is just good to switch around and eat breakfast because there are so many breakfast foods that you can eat in the morning but you never have time to eat in the morning because of school and work so that's why you try those breakfast foods for dinner becuase you have more time. A recipe I know is cinnamon stack pancakes becuase you eat desert at dinner but you eat pancakes for breakfast so it's the perfect thing to eat for dinner becuase it is still breakfast.