"A raisin  in the sun"

Review Scene 5:

1) What does the dialogue in this scene tell us Mama wants to do? Think in broad terms.

We think that mama wants to buy a house and wanted beneath a to go to collage and Walter to also achieved his goal opening a liquor store.

2) When Mama gives the envelope to Walter, what does this tell the audience?

Mama wants to tell the audience that  she wants Walter to do something good for the family.

Review these lines from Scene 8:

MRS. JOHNSON: Some folks might say don't go where you're not wanted. But I think it's wonderful that you are all so...brave.

1) Why does Mrs. Johnson pause before the word "brave"?

Mrs. Johnson pause before the word brave because she was jealous and happy that they are moving out.

Review Scene 11:

1) What is the most important idea in this scene? Think in broad terms.

The most important idea in this scene is that Walter could've  mind not buying the house and get much more money from not moving in the white neighborhood but than he changed his mind because his son Travis was there and he wanted Travis to follow him.

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2 years ago

Scene 5: Mama wants to help the whole family. When she give the envelope to Walter it tells the audience she trusts him.

Scene 8: Mrs. Johnson is being sarcastic. She doesn't mean it.

Scene 11: The most important idea in this scene is that Walter shows pride in his family.