Mark Zuckerburg

The creator and CEO of Facebook. A billionaire at age 30, one of the youngest to do so in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg

Early Years

Facebook glided past in its first years. The creator Mark Zuckerberg creating the website in his free time and throughout the winter break while at Harvard. Fellow student, Eduardo Saverin, a well known investor in the school was one of the first to know of Zuckerberg's idea. Offering $1,000 in exchange for 1/3 of the company.

Facebook is simply a combination of popular social media sites adding in what the students asked for and wanted for Facebooks at their school. It started out simple and limited, a photo of the student's choosing, and profiles listing information.  The real fun though was in the friends and just how many friends/followers you could get.

(Which is something you also notice in some of the new social media today.)

Mark Zuckerberg was convinced that the key to success with Facebook was exclusivity this idea fading just a tiny bit more with every school he added to the network.

A New President

Sean Parker was later made the company's president a person known as tech royalty worth roughly 2.6 billion dollars. Parker helped court the companies interested in investing and even buying the website. Parker also helped Zuckerberg in his efforts to make Facebook an official company. Creating a new agreement between there whole team that overrode all previous agreements made by Zuckerberg. This later lead onto a lawsuit lead by Saverin which was settled outside of court.

Big Changes

Money pains were starting to grow for Facebook the amount of servers needed and just the fact that they were growing so fast. Peter Thiel co-founder of Paypal was the hero they were waiting for, investing $500,000 to their cause. Later on Washington Post offered 6 million dollars in return for 10% ownership of the company.

This lead to even bigger changes a change in leadership. Sean Parker's partying days had finally caught up with him the company wanted him to resign from the company. Feeling that he was the tainting the overall image of the company.  Being caught with a minor at one of his parties was the final straw.

Mark Zuckerberg now would have to fully lead the company with Sean Parker no longer in the picture. Deciding to rise to the occasion he took leadership classes followed his mentors. Going on to hire a COO or a chief of operations, Sheryl Sandberg, to his crew and returning to what he loved most the mechanics of the website.

Zuckerberg wasn't done yet he was loading up for one of his biggest changes yet. The timeline and the addition of high-schoolers to the site.

Facebook Now

Facebook faced a lot of choices from almost selling their company to Yahoo for more than 1 billion dollars to allowing anyone 13+ to create an account. Their company becoming more than just a website but a standard and platform other social media sites look up too. It has totally revolutionized the way we keep up with our friends, news, etc. Facebook has bridged the disconnect between people from all around the world.  One website has helped politicians make their points, cause rebellions, and oust a president in the middle east. One site has made a difference.

This company has gone on to become one of the biggest companies in the world (money wise). One of the fastest companies to become a billionaire. One study showing that Facebook makes 3 million dollars a day.

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