The Bird and The Worm

Conserving mother Earth’s biodiversity is second to developmental ambitions, and faces sundry challenges that threaten the very survival of life on earth. This unremitting dispute is more frightening since it is connected to the crisis of climate change. Ensuring participation from local communities can aim to alter the vast disposition between multinational companies and our environment and the relationship of antagonism between people and parks. In order to foresee a time when nature and humans lived in truce, seasons changed progressively, animals subsisted in forests and birds inhabited canopies, we must converge our resources towards an environment friendly, sustainable manner.

The Rose-ringed Parakeets are gregarious in the pet-industry since the ancient Greeks for their ability to mimic a multitude of words spoken in various languages. In the wild, these timid birds elapse time on black electric wires. These electrical wires are means of livelihood and survival but also are a leading cause of death in many bird species by means of incineration and asphyxiation. One such bird failed to find shelter during the Pune monsoons and gathered it’s nesting material on an electrical wire. In the process, her wings got caught and she hung to death competing with a wide-eyed black crow under the badgering rain.

On the surface of it, mother Earth took one of it’s own however, sinking deeper, a life could have been saved if human intentions were detached. Electricity, in today’s bustling life is a necessary nevertheless its price is one much larger than contained in any pocket and much costlier than the Ministry of Coal can afford. Before, Man depletes all resources and his greed obstructs life, one must understand that life is coherent with nature and the body is only resting grounds till the time it finds solace. Until then, all life in different forms, casts, color and creed are equal.

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