Where Nadia is From

"Where I'm From" poem by Nadia, age 6

I am from my stuffed Herman

from family and petals.

I am from the sweet smells in the kitchen

dark brown, light brown.

It sounded like giggles

I am from the rose,

the sunflower

red, pink, and good smells.

I’m from the family time and awesomeness

from Mark and Shaunna

and Nadia.

I’m from the goofy and


From do the things you need to do and

pick up after yourself

I’m from I have no idea,

I wonder what God looks like.

I’m from Houston

pumpkin cheesecake and potstickers.

From the one time my dad made a snowman and I knocked it down and

the two greyhounds.


I am from kookookachoo.

*All images used in this poem are freely available from wikimedia commons.

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