What are wolves?

Wolves are actually more afraid of humans than we are of them. They are also beautiful and intelligent animals. Loyal to each other, they live in close family groups and take special care of their young. They are also the largest members of the dog family. They live all over North America. Most wolf packs have 7 or 8 members, but some have over 20. The leader of a pack is usually called the Alpha Male, he is normally the biggest dog in the pack. The Alpha Mate is usually the Alpha Males mate.

This is an Alpha Male.

Wolves attacking livestock

Wolves normally hunt for elks and deer, but whenever there is a chance they will go after livestock. This is a problem. If a wolf is able to attack more than once it becomes a habit, and it is a hard habit to break. If a wolf gets in that habitat they usually get shot. The solution is by making sure there is no deceased livestock anywhere and by increasing security, by getting better fences. To try to help people have started to move sheep and other livestock away from wolf pack territory.

Making A Den

Before a mother can have her pups she has to make a den. She will look for a den that maybe a fox or badger they might of used before. If she cant find one she has to make one, usually in a sandy hill. Digging the den is hard work, especially with the mother being pregnant. First the mother wolf has to dig a long tunnel, about the length of a car. The tunnel than goes in and has to slope up, so rain doesn't get in. Also, it has to be narrow so other animals cant get in. At the end she has to hallows out a space just big enough for her and her litter.

Mother coming out of her den

Adapting To Cold Weathers

Some wolves where it is cold for a while. The effect of this weather is wolves will grow a thick, two-layered coat so it can stay warm. Also, its paws have strong tufts of hair that grow between its cushion like pads on their paws so they don't slip on ice. Also, if the wolf is used to being on ice and snow they can chase prey to where they don't sink in the ice while the prey sinks with every leap, this makes them easier to catch for the wolf.

Arctic Grey Wolf and Red Wolf

What Type Of Wolf Are You


Gestation- The process of carrying or being carried in the womb between conception and birth.

Adapting- To become adjusted

Den- A wild animals lair or habitation.

Elk- A red deer

Deceased- Dead