What About Me                  

There is a book and ive read this book since i was about 3 years old and my mom read this book to me it was Cat In The Hat this book was the best book ive ever read. I can tell you every detail in that story its crazy just how many times ive read that book. But this is my favorite book.

I go to certain places to be by myself just to think i go to my backyard, to get away from a party crowd i walk out in my backyard which is three acres of field. and to sit down and have fun is in my room on my tablet.

Theres one whole place in the world ive always wanted to travel to its  the bahamas because its relaxing  soothing and its away from all the people. and its a place ive never been like also ive never been to hawai  and alot of other places ive never been.

I find most of my family hard to understand because well there just family and sometimes you just are used to zoning them out i geuss and then your like wait do what mom and you now you just dont listen at all or sometimes were there explaining something you really dont now what there trying to say.

The place i find home is home there is no place id rather be ive grown up there my whole life and ive never really left the state. and all of my family is either in ohio here  or over in seatle.                                               #Whataboutme tackk by : Cole.F

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