Captin America The Winter Solder

Movie Trailer Evaluation For Captin America The Winter Solder

The movie trailer really catches my eye and it makes me want to go see the movie even more I already wanted to cause I like the 1st one and because it looks like even more suspenseful. I personally like suspenseful action thrillers it looks like there is a lot more SI-FI included too. and considering that he was asleep for 60 years after he crashed in the first one that's gotta be coll to see what he has to go up against this time. It looks so cool and awesome i am really looking forward to watching the full movie

Transformers Age of Extinction

Movie Poster Evaluation for Transformers 4 Age of Extinction


The movie is one of the best i've ever seen the movie poster has what looks like a dinosaur skeleton in the back ground and it looks so much cooler than any movie poster I've ever seen in my entire life its so cool. My attention would be drawn to this poster for sure its a really good way to get a persons attention. it has every thing a good movie poster should have from the colors big print and just any thing else that a person would be drawn to.

Three Things TV Marketers should always remember

  1. have the ad be eye catching with cross coloring like in posters and scenes from a suspenseful moment in the movie and introduce only a little of what the movie will be a bout for a trailer.
  2. make the ad suspenseful by letting out a suspenseful moment to see that but nothing before that specific scene.
  3. have the ad give some but not all of the climax way and show partially what will happen during the main point of the movie.

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