Canada's arm is a space invention that helps astronauts get safely to a planet or help astronaut if in danger for example if a astronaut is on a planet without its helmet it can't breath because their is no air in space or if the air runs out from the suits air meaning that the air that is provided in the suit is run out so they have to reach their space station which has fresh air in it.

who made the canada arm?

The Canada Arm was made by spar aerospace LTD. Then they gave the invention to nasa for them to use the Canada arm.  

When was the Canada arm invented?

We all know that Canada arm is very famous technology and lots of astronaut's use it for helping astronauts. But when is it made how much times people been using this technology. Well this is made in November 13 1981 and people have been using this technology for a long time.

How is Canada Arm so famous

Well Canada Arm was sent to nasa and they used this invention most of the times. So the Canada Arm is famous because NASA uses it because NASA is  very famous.

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