Looking For Inspiring Devotional Book? Get Darlene Zschech's Revealing Jesus

The Lord of all Lords, the King of all Kings, the Greatest of the Greats. That is God – the muse of the renowned worship leader and bestselling author Darlene Zschech. The reason for the creation of the beautifully packaged worship songs in the phenomenal 'Revealing Jesus' album. The greatest work of art so far by this amazing woman, called Darlene Zschech.

'Revealing Jesus' is just one beautiful finish of the inspirational worship work by Darlene. Previous masterpieces and bestselling books that carry her author signature are 'The Kiss of Heaven' and 'Extravagant Worship'. The special edition of Darlene's 'Revealing Jesus' album features the guest performances of Michael W. Smith and Kari Jobe and it is produced by Israel Houghton (a four-time Grammy award winner). 'Revealing Jesus' has been released in 2013 and it includes 16 worship songs. 'God is here', 'In Jesus's name', 'All that we are' and 'Your presence is heaven' are just an example of how the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus Christ to each of us. We are His children, thus His followers.

Darlene Zschech describes her album as a final output of months of praying, listening, talking, laughing, writing and dreaming. She says that for all her life she has wanted was to reveal God's presence in her life and make Him be always by her side, no matter the place, no matter the time. Yes, God's wisdom may be mysterious, but it is priceless once you let yourself be guided by it. Our Lord has crafted an eternal plan for each of us, and only true devotion and unconditional love can open our eyes of truth and make us see the eternal plan.

He is a breath, He is a prayer, He is only a heartbeat away – it's what Darlene Zschech teaches us.

Darlene's readers, listeners and followers describe her as a lovely singer and worship pastor, a woman of faith and inspiration and an amazing singer and songwriter. So many attributes for only one person, isn't it just impressive? Today, this extraordinary woman and her husband are the Senior Pastors of the Hope Unlimited Church in Charmhaven, NSW, Australia.

Get your 'Revealing Jesus' today and embark on a divine journey where you will strengthen your weakness, breathe in His peace and embrace His love for you!