Interrogative words

Interrogative words ask information questions (not yes/no)

"Quand" and "à quelle heure" are not interchangeable. Use "Quand" to talk about a day or a date, and "à quelle heure" to talk about a particular time of day.

Remember: You can use "est-ce que", "inversion" or put the question word after the verb.

Est-ce que: Comment est-ce que tu t'appelles?

Inversion: Comment t'appelles-tu?

After the verb: Tu t'appelles comment?

It's impolite to use "Quoi" if you don't understand what's being said. Use "Comment?" or "Pardon?" instead

"Quel" is an adjective, so it needs to agree with number/gender with whatever it modifies.

masculine: quel hôpital?

feminine: quelle place?

masculine plural: quels restaurants?

feminine plural: quelles montagnes?