Lorna Brody

Principle Clothing Designer at UFO Jeans

About Lorna Brody

After graduating from The Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lorna Brody embarked on a career in the international fashion industry. She currently works at UFO Contemporary, Inc., an urban street wear clothing line that is located in New York City, New York, and specializes in chic fitness, dance, hip hop beat, and downtown clothing styles. As a Fashion Designer at this company, which possesses more than 40 years of history in the fashion design sector, Lorna Brody is responsible for the design and creation of high-quality, durable clothing for men and women of all ages.

UFO Contemporary has long been known as a premium jeans designer, and many of these clothes feature a military style. Some of the popular street styles currently offered by UFO Contemporary include the Monica pant with sparkly piping, which is designed in either a pink camouflage or black style, and the Platoon pant for men, featured in a dark grey-and-blue camo or sand color.

Last year, through her affiliation with UFO Contemporary, Lorna Brody became involved with an organization that is dedicated to raising funds for cancer research, awareness, and prevention. This foundation, known as the Dancers Care Foundation, gives those who are passionate about dancing the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of cancer survivors and all of those who have been affected by cancer. Lorna Brody and other supporters of the Dancers Care Foundation volunteer time in the interest of contributing money toward cancer research and furthering the efforts of scientists searching for a cure.

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