Lorne Lieberman

Founder and Former CEO of Barewalls.com

About Lorne Lieberman

Lorne Lieberman is a well-established Montreal entrepreneur who co-founded the innovative print and poster firm Barewalls Interactive Art at the dawn of the Internet era. By the early 2000s, Barewalls.com had emerged as an Internet Retailer “Top 50 Retailing Site” and held top ranking in the sales and distribution of posters and prints. Lorne Lieberman and his team were particularly adept at harnessing advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques as an integral part of their marketing formula. As a result, Barewalls.com appeared near the top of search engine listings associated with general queries for art and print reproductions.

In all, Mr. Lieberman spent more than 10 years as CEO of Barewalls Interactive Art, which earned a Business Week feature in 1998 for its successful SEO tactics. When the firm was acquired by Missouri Moulding and Glass in 2005, Lorne Lieberman remained in a leadership position. A native of Quebec, he holds a bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Montreal.

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