Lorraine Ann Lonnie

Homeopathic Practitioner Lorraine Ann Lonnie

About Lorraine Ann Lonnie

Lorraine Ann Lonnie has served as a homeopathic practitioner at Salt Lake Homeopathy in Utah since 2011. As a practitioner, she draws on her experience and education in massage therapy, acupressure, reflexology, and numerous other healing disciplines. Prior to taking her position with Salt Lake Homeopathy, Lorraine Ann Lonnie worked as a licensed massage therapist working with a range of clients from patients recovering from cancer to athletes with the Salt Lake ReAL professional soccer team (Lorraine Lonnie worked as an intern with ReAL).

In addition to her work with homeopathy and physical culture, Ms. Lonnie has served as an early childhood teacher at the Community Montessori school in Salt Lake City. In this role, she utilized a holistic, emotionally nurturing approach to education.

Outside of her professional life, Ms. Lonnie is involved with a number of philanthropic organizations, such as the California Women’s Shelter, the California Habitat for Humanity, and the California Trivia Bee, a fundraiser for Nonprofit Project Read. In order to stay physically fit, she plays a number of sports, including volleyball and lacrosse.

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