Growing the Game - The Boston Pro Tennis League

The Boston Pro Tennis League continues to be a major draw for some of the best and most skilled tennis players in the Boston area; a highly competitive and formatted environment that offers skilled Boston-area players the opportunity to vie against one another for both prize money and glory. Every Boston Pro Tennis season, which runs through the summer, offers an excellent chance for top tennis talent to challenge both themselves and each other, and to help grow and promote the sport throughout the Greater Boston region.

The BPTL is comprised of some of the best talent in the Boston area, including many former professionals, and has created a fun and thrilling way for players and fans alike to feel the intensity, drama and excitement of fast-paced tennis action. The primary mission of the BPTL is to both develop and promote the game throughout the Boston region through the annual showcasing of top Boston area talent; an ongoing effort to encourage increased tennis participation at every venue of BPTL competition.

Considered by many to be the centerpiece of the Boston-area tennis landscape, the Boston Pro Tennis League features high-level competition in a semi-professional environment, and works to effectively promote the game to players of all abilities and skill levels.

Boston-area tennis pro Louis C Desmarteaux is proud to compete in Boston Pro Tennis League tournaments every year, and to help further the both the league, and the sport, at every available opportunity. Desmarteaux was once the number one ranked New England player in both singles and doubles competition.