Louis D Hamric - CEO of Healthcare Innovations, Inc.

Entrepreneur Louis D. Hamric currently serves as president and chief executive officer of Healthcare Innovations, Inc., in Memphis, Tennessee. Since taking on this position in 2011, he has overseen all corporate activities and junior personnel. In 1986, he was involved with the founding of the company’s predecessor entity called Healthcare Professionals, Inc., a private firm that operated in eight states. With this firm, Louis D. Hamric oversaw operations of 15 clinics owned by the firm, in addition to managing and developing 75 additional clinics. He served as president and CEO of the operation and facilitated a sale of 52 clinics to a larger company.

Hamric served in the United States Army for six years, becoming first lieutenant of the 489th Civil Affairs Co. He attended the University of Tennessee.

Billy Joel - Continuing a Reign at New York’s Madison Square Garden

The head of Healthcare Innovations, Inc., in Memphis, Tennessee, Louis D. Hamric enjoys playing piano for personal enjoyment and for charitable organizations. Louis D. Hamric is a particular fan of piano-playing pop music legends Barry Manilow and Billy Joel.

Now in his mid-60s, Joel maintains a fresh, relevant approach to music through a busy touring schedule. The current reigning “King of New York,” Joel began a Madison Square Garden residency of sorts in early 2014, giving one performance at the fabled venue each month. With this schedule recently extended through spring 2016, Joel is set to extend his all-time record for most shows played at The Garden by any musical performer. Indeed, Joel has said publicly that he will continue the residency until insufficient ticket demand exists.

Although Billy Joel has not had a hit record for decades, he strives to keep the concerts fresh and relevant. In the wake of the tragedy in Paris, he started a Madison Square Garden concert with a performance of the French national anthem that led into his classic song of personal independence and self-responsibility, “My Life.”

History of Palais Garnier and the Opera National de Paris

Louis D. Hamric is a respected Memphis business executive who serves as president and CEO of Healthcare Innovations. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling to places of cultural and historic significance. Louis D. Hamric particularly enjoys visiting architecturally noteworthy buildings such as the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and the Opera House in Paris.

The roots of the Paris Opera extend to the late 1660s when, under the rule of Louis XIV, the Academie d'Opera joined the Academie Royale de Danse as a primary supporter of the performing arts. The Opera changed its venue 11 times during its first 200 years. The Salle Le Peletier burned down in an 1873 fire that lasted a full day, which led to a two-year construction project culminating in the current Palais Garnier.

Designed by Charles Garnier, the new Opera House was a centerpiece of a modern urban environment and was envisioned by the recently deceased Napoleon III. With no trees planted along the broad avenue leading to this emblem of imperial might, pedestrians had an uninterrupted view of the Palais.

In 1984, work began on the modern Opera-Bastille, with its completion five years later timed to the French Revolution’s bicentenary celebration. The following year, Palais Garnier and Opera Bastille merged operations to create what is now the Opera National de Paris. Today, the modern and classic buildings in central Paris continue to host groundbreaking theatrical performances by renowned composers, artists, and directors.