Love is Forceful


    In these few short paragraphs, we will see how forceful love is translated in the texts of "Romeo and Juliet". We will see which Acts and Scenes have the elements of our theme, which make it true. In the end, we will express out theme even further.

    In Act 4, Scene 1: Juliet is being forced to marry Paris In the scene, Juliet is crying because she is being forced to marry Paris. Here, we see that Juliet is crying very hard from her room, that Capulet hears her. He goes to her and says that the wedding will be quickened in order for her to get married to Paris. The negative forces of love would be arranged marriage, bartering money, and having people do things against their will. In the scene, Capulet barters with Paris and tells him all the things he will receive if he marries her. Yet, with Romeo, all he thinks of is Juliet, not her money, not her clothes, but her heart as well.

    In Act 1, Scene 2: Juliet's father, Capulet, is meeting with Paris to discuss the matter that Juliet is not yet fourteen, and that she will marry Paris once she is older. Here is where forceful love come into play. Here, it is shown that no matter what Juliet thinks and believes, she has already been chosen as the bride of Paris by her father. Her father, who expects women to do what the men want, can marry Juliet to whoever he chooses.

    In Act 5, Scene 3: Romeo goes to the tomb of his beloved Juliet, and we see that Paris is also there mourning for there death. he thinks that Romeo is there to destroy the body, and ends up dying. Again, forceful love is shown here because, as Romeo and Juliet's love for each other increasingly grows more secretive, more dangers appear along the crossroad. The love is forcing them to hide in order to keep it alive withing their hearts. This shows that, with each passing moment, the love they have for each other will force their families to join together as friends once the two star crossed lovers die because of the feud.

    Here, we now see how the forceful love theme we have chosen affects the plot of the book. We see that forceful love is the cause of Romeo and Juliet's death, arranged marriage in specific places (mostly India), and what caused both families to become friends. The elaborated theme of forceful love would be, "Love is a thing of the heart, and can be used for good or evil. It can be a manipulative factor in us, or it can set things right between two clashing clans. It all depends on the heart and if it can manage it."

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The symbol chosen for our theme would be a rose; for like the love between Romeo and Juliet is strong, a rose resembles the passion between them. But also, like a rose, love must die and whither away.

Another symbol that represents forceful love would be knife stabbing a heart. In the book "Romeo and Juliet", Juliet is being forced to marry Paris no matter what. It's like someone is trying to stab her heart and she is holding the hand above her.

Modern uses

  • Forced marriages
  • Non-consensual rape by a partner
  • “Shotgun wedding”
  • When one partner wants to leave but the other person won’t let them
  • When the two partners rush into a relationship
  • Imprisonment through love

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