Do you want to get out of the house and explore the city?

Then the piedmont region is for you!
 The piedmont region is in the middle of Georgia and it is the most populated. So if you love to shop and tour, you will really have a great time.

The piedmont reigon has beautiful parks and large cities. It is also the home of Atlanta, and the home of martin luther king, and the largest chunk of granite on earth! atlanta also has tons of shops and buildings. Who doesn't love tall buildings??

~~geographical features~~

the piedmont reigon has rolling hills and in some parts, flat ground. just some parts. if you plan to visit, i hope you are used to walking up hill a lot. it really is a pain. but, you can take a break from all that walking and go see some interesting things around atlanta!

~~cool places to visit~~

if you love fizzy drinks, you will love the world of coke. it has free fizzy drink samples from around the world!

if you love sea life, i reccomend visiting the georgia aquarium. it has beautiful sea animals and a walk-through shark tank!

do you miss home??
atlanta has a large airport that has low prices on airplane flights, so you do not have to go through the pain of wasting money on a bloody airplane ticket.

i hope you have fun on your visit to atlanta!!


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