Loving our PLANET

                                                   Verónica Costa and Gloría García


The purpose of this web page is to create a teaching unit about the topic of the Environmental protection, recycling and responsible consume  in a different way. For the subject of natural science. So here's an idea of how to do it.

We want that the children learnt how they must to take care about the planet with the recycle and a responsible consume in a different way. So the children will be learning and having fun at the same time.

Taking care of the planet

short description

The aim of this activity is that the children can make a digital manual with tips, basic concepts, photos, videos or whatever they want about how to take care of our planet. One example of the digital manual that the children would do this:


                One of the proposes of this activity is:

To improve the self-sufficient of the children, teach them to work by themselves, searching for the things they don’t know in an autonomous way. Apart from that Competence in the knowledge and interaction with the physical world; Treatment of the information and digital competence; Social and citizen competence; Competence in learn to learn; Autonomy and personal initiative.  

Long description

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-Computer room

Apps and tools

Flickr, thinglink, moovly, surveymonkey, YouTube, Google.

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