In a world where the main character can't

even get his own name on a game focused mostly on him ...

And where an ancient old instrument {The Ocarina} is brought back to life

... comes the story of a elf boy named Link that journeys back and forth through time to save the kingdom of Hyrule

and also to rescue  Princess Zelda.

No wait, that's Sheik...Here is Princess Zelda

{Younger Zelda and Older Zelda, to be more precise}

Link must save both the Kingdom of Hyrule and the Princess from the

evil clutches of the Thief and Sorcerer Ganandorf.

Link can't do this alone, though. He gets helps from several people and creatures (some really weird ones, too).

He is also accompanied by the MOST ANNOYING...*coughs* wonderful fairy named Navi who gives Link hints throughout the game, but even Navi doesn't know how to beat the game....or does she...or he...who cares, Navi is annoying.

If you like RPG (Role-Playing Games) and you have the time to play an actual RPG, then prepare yourself for the awesome adventure found in


Oh Dear...Did I not mention the most wonderful character of all.

Just Ignore Link for a moment to feast your eyes on the MOST SPECTACULAR horse in the entire "gaming" world, Epona.


Here are "4 Things" you should do before the New Legend of Zelda game comes out this year:

#1 Play the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time game all over again mostly because it's AWESOME. Also, Check it out in 3D.

#2 Learn how to Play the Ocarina
***Also listen to the Reorchestrated version of the songs ***

#3 Compete against CosmoSpeedruns to see if you can finish the game in less than 18 minutes.

Don't Believe Me...Check out the video below..

Lastly, enjoy the trailer.