Joshua Hensley

Age 14



These entries are written in  February 1863.

I live with my father, my mother, and my sister. My father is stationed in Kentucky.

Entry #1

This morning, I have fed the pigs, went to the post office, went to the grocer to get some milk, and went to send a letter to my father, who's in the army.

This afternoon, I went to take food to the nearest orphanage, get the mail, wash the clothes, and stop to donate to the army who had their financial office in town. I helped the war by donating money to the army, and donating food.


Dear Father,

             I have just heard of the battle of Gettysberg. I have heard how it was the bloodiest battle yet. People at home are saying that there were thousands of soldiers killed there. I am hoping that you have survived. President Lincoln is set to make a speech there. I also heard that Robert E. Lee ambushed you. Lee also stroke the Union flanks, pushing you back to devils den.


                                                                                                                               Joshua Hensley


Today, I went to the munitions store to practice my shooting for when I'm old enough to fight in the war. I also helped clean up around the neighborhood. I even helped paint some of the buildings. I also went hunting. That was all this morning. This afternoon I cooked up a meal for dinner. I built a lego set with my sister. I babysat a baby for an hour. I even informed people on the war. I helped the war effort by retrieving information from the south by pretending I was a copperhead, sending food to the troops, and sending weaponry to them.


Dear Son,

              I appreciate your concern for my life. I'm really glad you guys are okay. You are being a good person around town and are really acting like the man around the house. I have just been through another battle. I hope to see you soon.



I was quite pleased with the response he sent, and so was the family. We're all excited for his return home from the war. His experience in the next battle was very frightening. Many soldiers died. Not as much as the other one, but still a lot. It was the battle at Hoover's Gap.


        President Lincoln, perhaps one of the best if not the best president ever has just been shot in the back of the head by John Wilkes Boothe. He then jumped out of the box and hurt his leg, then limped away.

       "  I am totally and utterly shocked!"" He was such a good man."

        "  I want Boothe to pay for what he's done!"" He is a tyrant!"

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