Venezuela - Nese Selepeo

Basic Facts + Expressions

Official Name: República Bolivariana De Venezuela

Population: 28.6 million

Capitol: Caracas

National Holiday: 5th of July

Currency: Bolivar fuerte (VEF)

Two neighboring countries: Columbia & Guayana


está a pata de mingo - it's right next door

deja el chigüireo - stop being stupid


In the map above you can see Venezuela, the major cities, and some neighboring countries. Caracas is the capitol. Maracaibo, Cludad Bolivar, Valencia, & San Cristóbal are the major cities. The neighboring countries are Columbia & Brazil.

Famous Places

Angel Falls is located in the Guayana highlands & it is one of the five great adventure regions in Venezuela. It is the highest waterfall in the world & it is 15 times higher than Niagara Falls. Angel Falls is named after Jimmy Angel, a pilot from Missouri, United States, who saw the waterfall for the first time in 1933 with his partner while searching for the Golden City.

Mochima National Park was created in 1973 to protect 234,489 acres of semi tropical coastal mountains & many secluded bays with semi & islands & mangroves. This wonderful landmark is known for it's beauty. It is also rich in tranquil, crystal clear waters & its underwater scenic resources & it's a wonderful place for sailing, snorkeling, diving or water skiing.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas is located in the center of Caracas in Parque Central. Admission to the museum is free & it's open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. This museum was founded in 1973, it displays thousands of pieces of art including work from Miró, Picasso, Botero & other famous artist. It is 16,000 square meters in size.

Altamira is a neighborhood located in the Chacao municipality of Caracas, Venezuela. It has its own Metro Station, many hotels & restaurants, & it's an important business & residential center of the city. Altamira is also an important tourist destination & cultural center in Caracas. The cost per square meter of real estate is one of the highest in the city.

Popular Foods & Drinks

Popular Foods:

The Arepa is the most famous dish from Venezuela. It is a cornmeal cake that can be grilled, baked, or fried.

The Casabe is a type of bread. It is considered to be the oldest bread in the americas.

Popular Drinks:

A Cocada is a milkshake made out of coconut milk. You can find this drink mainly at coast.

The Frescolita is a very popular, red soft drink in Venezuela. It's very similar to cream sodas in the USA.


The climate in Venezuela varies because of certain factors like topography, altitude, & the intensity & direction of prevailing winds. The weather varies between alpine to tropical humid. The rainy season in Venezuela is from May to October while the dry season extends from December to April.

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