Benvolio Act 2

Act 2 : Benvolio, Jungkuk Park, Period 3

Me and my friends, Romeo and Mercutio, was going back to our home. Soon, we knew that Romeo was not staying together with us. We found him but he did not answered. Therefore, we thought he ran to his house. However, next day, I heard that Romeo have not came back to his home since last night from a servant. I was worried because Tybalt, one of the Capulets. sent a letter to Romeo’s father. Mercutio thought the letter was about challenging Romeo. When I met Mercutio this morning, we talked about the letter about Romeo responding to the letter whether he would accept the challenge or not. Mercutio told me that Tybalt is great fighter and when he compared Romeo and Tybalt, I was so worried. Then ,Romeo came to us but he and Mercutio argued for a while. Mercutio was making fun of Romeo and I tried to stop them. I really want Mercutio to stop making joke with Romeo’s love. Any way, I found two boats coming to us after stopping Romeo and Mercutio. On the ship, there were nurse and Peter. Nurse came to us and tried to ask something to Romeo. Nurse looked like he wants to talk privately with Romeo. I thought she will invite us to a party, but Mercutio was keep talking sarcastically...

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2 years ago

I agree that Mercutio was being rude to that Nurse but isn't it true that she was kind of weird and funny somehow?