Job shadowing


Job Shadowing

I want to be a nurse for cancer children. I am shadowing a preschool to help me relate to kids. Preschool is where your teach young children between the ages of 2-5 years. The typical duty of early childhood education is to work with infants and young kids. Specialties with this education is for students to examine younger children and conditions that promote an healthy development.

The work environment for an early childhood educator is a classroom with learning materials. The classroom environment should be set up with choices. They work half a day depending if they are working at a daycare center. They work for a whole day.The typical illness/injuries is pretty typical. You can get germs from students or objects in the classroom.

A preschool teacher has to get an bachelor's degree. Some personal qualities you have to have to be an preschool is nice,understanding, and gentle since you will be around younger children. My on the job training depends on really what I would work at. I would probably have an orientation.

The Licenses, certifications, and registrations is you need to be certified teacher. You will also need a teaching license.The work experience for this job is probably volunteering at a daycare center. Employees don't really move up in this job.

The pay for a preschool teacher is $43,950 per year

$21.13 per hour.

I don't think there is an industry growth design in a preschool teacher. There is a technological change might not that be that much since it's a preschool. The demand for product is children. It hasn't really change much.

Similar occupations are: a school teacher it teaches older children with the pay of $10,000 to $60,000 depending on what you change.. I want to be a nurse for cancer children so it can be similar in that way because we are working with children with cancer with the pay of $30,000, to $90,000

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