Alternatives for Classroom Assessments & CFAs

Let me know how I can help you get started with any of these resources.


With Socrative, you can set up all your classes and assignments without a mobile device, though students will each need a computer or a mobile device to participate.  After completing an activity, Socrative will email you a spreadsheet with the results from the activity.  Socrative can be used for a lot more than testing, however.  Watch the video below for more information.

Quick Key

Grade your assessments by holding bubble sheets under the camera of your phone. Download the app, choose up to 100 questions, fill in the answer key and print your bubble sheets.  

Devices: Only one (must be iPad or iPhone); students use printed bubble sheets.
Reports and Standards: This app will give you an overall score and a simple item analysis.  There are no standards available at this time.
Access: Free download

Grade Cam

Grade Cam is very similar to Quick Key.  Print bubble sheets and hold them under a device to scan.  With GradeCam you can also use a webcam.  

Devices: One ( can be android or iOS) or a webcam on your computer (yes, I have webcams available!).  
Reports and Standards:  This is where GradeCam shines.  CCSS and SPIs are available to attach to questions, and reports can be filtered in several ways - by standard, item, class, or student.  Printer friendly.
Access: Free download.  The free version limits you to 10 questions per assessments.



Edulastic mimics many of the technology-enhanced items that students will see on their TNReady tests.