9 simple comma rules

By Ben and Mitchell

Making anlist

Commas? What are those ? Commas can be used in many different ways to help you when you are writing. The first rule is that when you are separating phrases that don't need to be there.Ex. My dad , Scott , can be kind of stupid sometimes. Another rule is when linking two independent clauses without a conjunction.  Ex.I want to go trick or treating , but I have to watch my brother. Without the comma it would sound really fast because you are not taking a brake.When addressing someone in particular.Ex.Mitchell , let's got to your house , ok. Another example is when there is more than one adjective modifying a noun. Ex. The amazing, great , Ben. Another huge rule is when after you introductory phrases or clauses . Ex. When we are done with this project , we will move on to the next project. The last big example is when you are making a list. Ex. At the store we need water, milk, eggs, and sugar. Another three facts that you don't need to know , but we will tell you them. Dates are a thing you will need to know because when you are writing a letter you need to put the date so they know when they got the letter sent to them. Ex. October 3 , 2002.Another rule is when ending a letter . From, Kyle Mitchell. Last rule is when geographical location. Ex. Cumming , Ga. When not to use a comma. When separating  two independent clauses without a conjunction . Another rule is after the conjunction . The last when not to use a comma is when separating a dependent and independent clause with a conjunction. That is all.

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