Parts of a River

By: Dana Carballar


            A watershed is an area of high water,to low water,to a larger body of water.

This watershed is The Chesapeake Bay Watershed located in Pennsylvania


                              A confluence is a place where two rivers meet.

Missouri Alluvial River Plain confluence


                            A place where the water begins at or originates.

Baranof River


                  This is where a river opens up to a larger body of water.

This is the mouth of the Murray River

                      Great Basin

                A great basin is a watershed that does not flow out to the ocean.

Great Basin National Park

                    Great Salt Basin

  A great salt basin is where water does not flow out to the ocean and is not moving.              The water evaporates and leaves behind a lot of salt.

Great Salt Lake Desert in Western Utah


               A divide is where watersheds are divided into different section.

This is an example of a watershed


When a river is heading downwards towards a mouth.

Downriver Kajaki Dam


           An estuary is where a salt water river meets a fresh water river.

Estuary in Nehalem Bay


      A piece flat land next  to a river channel that goes underwater when the river floods.

This is a floodplain located next to the Illinois River.


Headwaters are tributary streams that are close to becoming part of a larger river.They are usually very shady.

This is a headwater located in


                     A tributary is a small stream or river that flows into a larger river.

                    Parts of a River

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