The War Between Israel and
Palestine by: MacKenzie Savage

Israel is currently the only country in the world that is fully Jewish. The Arabs that live in Palestine want to take over all of Israel and make it Arab. Both religions see the land as rightfully theirs. It used to be just a disagreement but it has developed into an actual war. One of the current solution sis called the "two state solution". The two state solution establishes Palestine as their own independent state. This would then leave the rest of the land to Israel. This solution is not favored by the Palestinians. The other current solution "one state solution". This solution is that the country either becomes all Israel or all Palestine. The "one state solution" is becoming more preferred overtime due to demographic and political reasons. In conclusion, the war between Israel and Palestine is over religion and territory. Although this war will not be solved soon, the "one state solution" seems like the most likely solution.

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