World War II

This is a timeline in which WWII started and ended

Where Was The First Shot Fired?

Many sources report the first Allied shots of both World War I and World War II were fired from Fort Nepean. On 5 August 1914, the German ship SS Pfalz attempted to escape from Port Phillip.

What Do The Germans Have Against The Jews?

The Jews did not like the Germans religion and that heated up the Germans some of the Germans thought the Jews caused them to lose WWI and caused a major crisis.

How Did It Feel To Be Jewish In Adolf Hitlers Germany?

The Jewish felt discomfort in Germany they never felt safe and if they were caught praying there Jewish prayers and not Germanys they would be sent to conservation camps. They felt unsafe because the Germans said that the Jews lost WWI for them.

How does this historical event continue to impact our lives today? What lesson did we learn from this event?

This event impacts our lives because it was a very cruel war in our history and we have not had another world at war because of how many lives it took. We know now that World Wars are very ruthless and that we should try to bring peace not war.


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