How to Bass fish?

How do I catch a bass?

First off before even buying a rod and casting, you need to learn what a bass is and what a bass does. I bass is a top predator in most ponds and lakes, it is highly aggressive and extremely intelligent. Bass will protect there bed or fry with there life and they are very social and protective. To catch one of these top predators you need a good rod and reel, next a few basic lures are key and a little patience. There are three main ways to catch a bass. First There's Trolling, and Live Bait and finally there's Fake Baits, these fake baits are most of the time harder to use and take more skill. But, to catch a bass you can use any of these through trial and error and get great results!

What do I need to catch a bass?

To catch a bass you will need a few basic things. First, you will need a good rod and a good reel, Second you need some decent line (my suggestion for all around "basin" would be 30 pound suffix braid), And finally a few basic baits and a handful of patience. A few of these basic baits include, A pair of Spinnerbaits, (black and blue) next a few Crankbaits in a few different depth ranges to cover as much water as possible. Also a good Topwater bait is great for searching for bass. (Topwater frog, Walk the dog bait, or a Buzz bait) Next a good Jerkbait In a few different colors and sizes. (Rapala and strike king are really great companies) Finally a good black or water melon seed color of a trick worm is a great bait! it is great for catching bass all year round. (Zman and Zoom are great companies.)

Why will some days I will catch a lot and other days not even get a bite?

There are tons of reasons why some days you might catch one every time your lure hits the water. But, some of the main reasons why are Barometric pressure. This may leave some people scratching there head in awe but its really not all as complicated as most people make it out to be. What it mostly means is that there is either a rise or drop in this pressure which causes bass to either be very finicky or fighting over your bait. Most of the time when a drop in the pressure fishing is usually very hard, but there are times when this is a good thing and it balances out the pressure making for a great day.

Another reason can be a Cold front or maybe just the opposite when a warm front comes in. Mostly when these things happen the fish go into a lethargic state know as lock-jaw which means most of the time even is you put the bait right by there face they still will not show any interest. Try to avoid fishing when this happens as most of the time it turns out as a poor day of fishing.

Finally it can be something as simple as not the right color of bait of it could be the way your fishing the bait. A good tip is trying to bring a few rods so you can have different colors and some different sizes so you can really zone in on what the fish are liking. Most times its best to walk around and find out what these fish are really into on that certain day. But, always persevere because its always worth it when hard work pays off!

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