Solar Power

By ally stevenson

I chose to use solar power because I think that this sort of power is really cool and helpful.

How does Solar power work???

Solar panels are made up of things called photovoltaic (PV) cells and they convert the sunlight turning it into direct current which is also called DC electricity throughout the day when the sun is shining. The thing that's called the inverter converts the direct current which is made by the solar panels into AC alternating current electricity.

The Advantages of solar power

  1. Solar energy doesn’t cause pollution.But the solar collectors and other equipment /machines are manufactured in factories that in turn cause some pollution.
  2. Solar energy can be used in remote areas where it is too expensive to extend the electricity power grid.
  3. Many everyday items such as calculators and other low power consuming devices can be powered by solar energy effectively.
  4. It is estimated that the worlds oil reserves will last for 30 to 40 years. On the other hand, solar energy is infinite.

The Disadvantages of solar power

  1. Solar energy can only be generated in the day whens its sunny.
  1. Solar collectors, panels and cells are relatively expensive to manufacture although prices are falling rapidly.
  1. Solar power stations can be built but they do not match the power output of similar sized conventional power stations. They are also very expensive.
  2. In countries like the UK, with a unreliable climate means that solar energy is also unreliable as a source of energy. Cloudy skies reduce its effect.
  3. Large areas of land are needed to capture the suns energy. Collectors are usually arranged together especially when electricity is to be produced and used in the same location.
  4. Solar power is used to charge batteries so that solar powered devices can be used at night. However, the batteries are large and heavy and need storage space. They also need replacing from time to time.

The potential for this power and how it will help in the future!

Solar panels that you can drive, park, and walk on. They melt snow and cut greenhouse gases by 75-percent?!!!

Instead of having to use heaps of fossil fuels to drive a car paint the roads, repack the tar from the roads and use the diggers to push the snow out of the roads the solar panel roads will do it all.

Instead of having to get diggers and whatever they use and using petrol and polluting a little bit more the solar panels roads will melt the snow. Also instead of painting the roads the solar panels will have built in LED's that will light up instead of using the chemicals in the paints. No body wants to hit a animal on the road so the solar panels will tell you to slow down so you don't hit  it. There is much much more so watch this clip

Thanks For Watching!!!

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