Used to ~ Getting used to

1. When I was child, we used to go on vacation to Florida.

2. He used to live in a large house.

3. Where did you use to go?

4. I'm used to getting around New York by subway.

5. I'm getting used to the climate.

6. She is getting used to waking up early for her new job.

Would, Could,Should, Might, Must

1. Would you do me a favor?

2. We would say... I don't tink you'll pass the exam.

3. That movie could be worth seeing. It got good reviews.

4. She couldn't have a ten-yeras-old daughter! She's only 21 herselft.

5. You should go to bed. You look very tired.

6. This homerwoork shouldn't take you too long.

7. It might rain. Take your umbrella.

8. That movie might not be any good.

9. Candidates must answer three questions.

10. You must not get my hair cut.

Simple Fact ~ Attitude about someone else habit ~ Someone's typical behavior

1. My sister works in a bank.

2. She sleep all day on saturday.

3. She's always borrowing my clothes without asking me.

4. My friend always asks me for money.

5. She'll go out on a Friday night and won't be back till morning.

6. He's always forgetting the dishes in the living room.

Past with used to + infinitive

1. Alex and Rosie used to go to Mexico in the summer.

2. I used to start work at 9 o'clock.

3. Christine used to eat meat, but now she is a vegetarian.

Modals with certain or possible

1. It must have been a good party. Everyone stayed till dawn.

2. The music can't have been any good. Nobody danced.

3. Where's Peter? He should have been here ages ago!

have + past participle

1. She has done her homework.

2. They have gone for a walk.

3. Julia hasn't eaten anything today.                                           

Firstly, finally, basically, another thing, as far as, suppose, anyway

1. Firstly, we must stop the bleeding.

2. We finally made it home after midnight.

3. Basically we agree in buy the house in the north of the city.

4. You ate the last piece of cake, and another thing, there's no bread left. Did you eat that too?

5. I suppose he'll come at the party, I mean, is his birthday party.

6. Anyway, we eventually found a place to eat.

metaphors and idioms with: hands, heart, legs, head 1

1. In the UK the upper classes still have the upper hand.

2. Have a heart! You only handed it in yesterday!

3. Making this cake costs me an arm and a leg.

5. Well if you want to go out clubbing the night before your final exams, on your own head be it.

synonymus of:

Concerned: Affair, regard.

Describe: Delineate, characterize.

Loathed: Hate, abhor.

Buddies: Partners, friends.

Unfortunate: unlucky, unhappy.

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